Camber Corporation U2 ISR MPC Mission Planner - 17540 in Beale AFB, California


HII-Mission Driven Innovative Solutions, Inc. (HII-MIS)provides mission-critical engineering and technical service to Information Technology, Federal Civilian, and National Security, Aerospace & Defense and International government and commercial customers at over 100 locations worldwide.

HII-MIS is currently seeking a U-2 Mission Planner to support the U-2 Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Mission Planning Cell (MPC) program to work out of Beale Air Force Base, California with potential travel to other continental United States (CONUS) or overseas (OCONUS) locations as directed by the 99thReconnaissance Squadron Commander (99 RS/CC).

The U2 ISR MPC Mission Planner shall provide analytical, advisory, technical expertise and analysis to U-2 MPC and 99 RS activities. Contractors fulfilling U-2 Mission Planner task requirements will be expected to conduct 24/7/365 ‘full-scope’ mission planning. MPC defines ‘full-scope’ as all planning and coordination elements required to execute a U-2 mission – including, but not limited to: aircraft performance, navigation, and routing; sensor & mission systems; target development; weather; airspace & diplomatic clearances; intelligence & threat mitigation; communication systems; maintenance status & aircraft files; and operational/aircrew products. Contractor shall be familiar with, and will adhere to: published guidance, directives, and instructions relating to the planning and execution of Operational, Training, Test, and Exercise sorties. These instructions include, but are not limited to: DoD/USAF Instructions, Concepts of Operation (CONOPS), Theater Special Instructions (SPINS), Baseline and Daily Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA) Annexes, Air Tasking Orders (ATOs), Airspace Control Orders (ACOs), Order of Battle (OB), MWS and sensor technical orders, tactical guidance/directives, AF doctrine, and national & international flight/navigation regulations. Contractors will assist in the development and operation of the 99 RS Mission Planning Cell (MPC). Contractors will attend MPC-specific training upon employment. Contractors fulfilling Mission Planner Task Requirements will be responsible for 24/7/365 production and delivery of all required planning products in support of global U-2 missions.

Duties and Responsibilities (to include but not be limited to the following):

  • Perform shift work in support of 24/7/365 MPC operations.

  • When planning, ensure all electronic technical data, regulations, and instructions are current on all electronic systems and physical storage locations.

  • Provide analytical, advisory, and technical support to 99 RS/CC and MPCC.

  • Assist MPC project management efforts as directed by the 99 RS/CC and MPCC to improve MPC integration into the ISR value chain as well as national command, combat, and communication architectures.

  • Assist in the development and integration of the MPC program into new and existing Air Force guidance. These include, but are not limited to: AFTTPs, CONOPS, AFIs, MWS-specific guidance, training curricular, etc.

  • Analyze and evaluate MPC mission planning software, software tools, and associated support systems to recommend changes and upgrades to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Identify, communicate, and resolve/recommend solutions to known and/or technical deficiencies.

  • Research, identify, and/or innovate technologies, processes, and/or procedures for implementation in U-2 mission planning and/or mission execution operations.

  • Identify, communicate, and implement methods, processes, and technologies to integrate and optimize the U-2 MWS in the prosecution of the Global Force Master Allocation Plan (‘GFMAP’).

  • Identify, communicate, and implement methods, processes, and technologies to optimize Air Operations Center (‘AOC’), Distributed Common Ground Station (‘DCGS’), and IC integration and optimization.

  • Attend meetings as directed by the 99 RS/CC and MPCC.

  • Represent 99 RS at working groups as a recognized subject matter expert (‘SME’) on tactics, techniques, procedures, technologies, and capabilities as they relate to the MPC.

  • Maintain NIPR, SIPR, and JWICS accounts.

  • Provide, at the direction of the 99 RS/CC and MPCC, training regarding MPC tactics, techniques, procedures, technologies, and capabilities.

  • Provide input to 99 RS/CC and MPCC relating to accomplishments and challenges in performance of required tasks/subtasks.

  • Assist in the development of MPC Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).

  • Deliver accurate, on-time, pre-mission plans in accordance with contracts established in SPINS, CONOPS, as well as written agreements between the MPC external actors/agencies within the ISR value chain.

  • Strictly adhere published guidance. This includes, but is not limited to: DoD/USAF Instructions, Concepts of Operation (CONOPS), Theater Special Instructions (SPINS), Baseline and Daily Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA) Annexes, Air Tasking Orders (ATOs), Airspace Control Orders (ACOs), Order of Battle (OB), MWS and sensor technical orders, tactical guidance/directives, AF doctrine, and national & international flight/navigation regulations, and other guidance.

  • Security Management: Comply with and enforce National, Department of Defense (DoD), and Air Force security policies and directives, including: (1) both verbal and written reporting procedures; (2) deterrence, detection, isolation, containment, and recovery from information system and network security intrusions.

  • Subtasks – Mission Planner Specific:

  • Provide full-scope mission planning support to operational, training, test, and exercise sorties. Develop CMFs on authorized Mission Planning Systems (‘MPS’) in support of operational, training, test, and exercise sorties.

  • Provide support to Forward Operating Locations, Rotational Detachments, and En-route Recovery Teams (ERTs). When required by world events, and as appropriately directed, Contractor will support operational missions, worldwide deployment packages, inter-/intra-AOR aircraft movements, or ERTs repositioning U-2 aircraft by developing comprehensive flight plans, filing these plans in accordance with national/international regulations, coordinating diplomatic clearances, and other duties associated with safe/successful aircraft movements.

  • Use MWS-specific data for all planning requirements. This includes, but is not limited to: (1) navigation planning data based on U-2 flight performance models, (2) U-2-specific flight planning considerations; (3) sensor planning data based on sensor capabilities IAW applicable AFTTP and associated guidance; & (4) threat planning data based U-2 Radar Cross Section (RCS) and published defensive capabilities.< >all available information sources to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each planned sortie. This includes, but is not limited to: (1) C2 (i.e. ROME, ATO, ACO, RSTA, SPINS, DAFIF, etc.); (2) Order of Battle; (3) sensor tasking/target lists; (4) terminal, en-route, & operating area weather (includes high-altitude turbulence and radiation considerations); and (5) Flight Information Publications.

  • Prepare flight products in accordance with MPC standards and Air Force guidance. This includes, but not limited to: green cards, navigation/tactical charts, local/international flight plans, and communication boards.

  • Facilitate coordination to ensure compliance with DoD, National, and International regulations. This includes, but is not limited to: Air Operations Centers (AOC), Distributed Common Ground Stations (DCGS), Defense Attaché Offices (DAO), Operations Officers, Schedulers, and Liaison Officers (LNOs).

  • At the direction of the 99 RS/CC, MPCC, and/or FOL or detachment commanders: (1) Provide pilot briefings and/or attend aircrew pre-mission planning sessions and post-flight briefs; & (2) Modify the content and format green cards, charts, communication boards, and other in-flight pilot products.

  • Coordinate and ensure Extended Tether Program (ETP) support is available for mission execution.

  • Configure systems, associated equipment, and feeds to ensure effective flight following and link monitoring during mission execution.

  • Contractor will review any modifications to flight plans during mission execution prior to delivery of those plans to the mission aircraft. Contractor will monitor all airborne U-2 assets and advise the Aircraft Commander, through any available communication means, of any impact(s) to safety or successful mission execution.

  • Maintain all required qualifications as a U-2 Mission Planner (Qualifications will be defined by published Air Force guidance, local regulation, and will be annotated on the 99 RS ‘Letter of Xs’).

  • Contractor will maintain Combat Mission Readiness (CMR) status as a U-2 Mission Planner for Reconnaissance in Support of Nuclear Operations (RISNO). Each Contractor U-2 Mission Planner will attend RISNO certification/re-certification and RISNO study.

  • Generate sensor plans IAW Air Force and theater guidance to achieve required ISR effects.

  • Generate U-2 navigational tracks to collect multi-intelligence data on targets in support of theater nuclear, combat, strike, and no-fly zone enforcement plans.

  • Build MPC TTPs to refine collection prior to, and during, HAISR missions.

  • Plan image and signals collection for U-2 reconnaissance missions.

  • Execute time sensitive sensor planning requirements as directed.

  • Coordinate to clarify Essential Elements of Information (EEIs), required dissemination methods, and specific product expectations. Identify, communicate, and provide recommendations to tasking authorities when requirements are not achievable.

  • Provide inputs regarding MPC products relating to sensor plans, capabilities, tactics, and strategies to leadership and mission partners as required.

  • Capture and present measures of performance relating to sensor planning operations with the intent to refine MPC and U-2 HAISR sensor planning operations.

  • Author detailed training briefings and continuity documents relating to new platforms, processes, and procedures.

  • Research, write, and present mission planning summary reports at the discretion of the 99 RS/CC, MPCC, or following significant mission events.

  • Create PRISM (Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management) nominations to provide COCOM collection managers with visibility on ad-hoc requirements.

  • Represent unit at working groups as a recognized subject matter expert on sensor planning tactics, techniques, procedures, and capabilities.

  • Provide input relating to accomplishments and challenges in performance of sensor planning tasks and subtasks at the discretion of the MPCC.

Qualifications and Experience:


  • U.S. citizenship required

  • Maintain a current passport throughout the Period of Performance for this TO.

  • Obtain all entry/exit visas for countries as required for work performance.

  • Pass a standard physical examination that includes, at a minimum: medical history, height, weight, blood pressure, HIV antibody, and chest x-ray.

  • Be physically capable of performing tasks outlined in Duties and Responsibilities Section above.

  • Have all required immunizations prior to OCONUS travel.

  • Comply with all security requirements as outlined the contract Statement of Work (SOW).

  • Able and willing to work in a demanding, high-stress environment.

Specific Required Qualifications:

  • Experience in one of the following areas: DoD Aircrew, Private/Corporate/Commercial/Law Enforcement Aircrew, Air Traffic Control, Commercial Flight Planning, Mission Planning, and/or other relevant experience. Significant Sensor Planner experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Previously qualified MPC Mission Planner.

  • B.A. or B.S. degree or higher.

  • Graduate of USAF Weapons School or comparably competitive program.

  • Experience as a Rated Evaluator, Instructor, or comparable flight experience.

  • Significant (1,000+ total flight hours) rated aviation or comparable flight experience.

  • Experience with USAF airborne ISR programs.

  • Experience with the following planning software: Omniview, Enterprise Collection Planner, Joint Mission Planning System, Common Sensor Planner, AFMSS, and/or Combat Flight Planning Software.

  • Operational Experience in: flight planning, sensor planning, Extended Tether Program (ETP) planning, Air Operations Center operations, development of plans & requirements, ISR infrastructure, Command & Control schema, intelligence, and Multi-Domain Command & Control (‘MDC2 ’) theory of operation.

  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Experience with web-based flight planning (i.e., etc.).


  • US Citizenship required

  • The selected applicant will be subject to a security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information

  • All candidates will be subject to a pre-employment background investigation and drug screening per HII requirements

  • Must have and maintain a Top Secret and NATO Secret clearance and be eligible for SCI access

  • Must maintain eligibility for SAP/ACCM access.

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